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One of my first park photos of the sunset and some of the nice dance photos when I was married and we spent nice time when my son was a little toddler in the Parks in Helsinki..that was the most joyous time bless..
Photo H.A
Location: Sinebrychoffinpuisto/Helsinki
The roots:edited and original capture by H.A
Location in the city central park in Helsinki.
My butterfly series..one of the first one I captured the corona or the kirlian aura of a butterfly!

photo H.A
cildrens circus/my family photos/ my son was in the circusschool for a while..during his steinerschool education!
2006/family photo.
2007 -2009

-digital photography
-environment-events-fairs-seminar/group photo/artist portraits
video clips of performance and performance rehearsals(you can mail me for details and samples!)
dance group: dupe
published on line web page/content info
Etno soi 2010.
Project assigned under my multicultural association education.
-digital photography2009

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Heli Aarniranta
Visual artist Helsinki, Finland