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limied edition/private collection
art by H.Aarniranta
oil/mixed media
framed and non framed
A5-A4A3 size art on canvas paper or canvasboards
Laminated limited edition A3 size mixed media art on paper
This one is in privaate collection in Norway.
Art by H.Aarniranta
Limited edition in private collection nonprofit in Finland.
oil on cardboard (small A5-A4 size)
Art by H.Aarniranta
Mixed media limited edition in Helsinki collection private!
art by h.A
Mixed media art limited edition.
in Nordic country/Finland/
been to Netherlands
Art by H.Aarniranta
Exhibited at peacehouse/Helsinki 2009-2010
art on board by H.A
Art by Heli Aarniranta -
Oil, watercolor, ink, glitter, fabric
wallpainting,/mural(interior design home decoration)
Big paintings on canvas and paper.

Photographs taken by Heli Aarniranta_wallpainting - Wallpainting
original interior design and bathroom art .
Mixed media.
Mixed media art by H.Aarniranta
Big framed watercolor/mixed and acrylic painting on board.

Mixed Fine art2007-2013

Colored paintings/fine art abstract

-A3 size on paper
-watercolor-mixed media framed
-oil (in private collection in Finland)
-fire in the Soul (oil)-in private collection in finland
.framed avstract mixed media size A3-in private collection in the Netherlands
-dolphin mural-(interior decoration)
-on board-abstracts-exhibited 2009

- Abstract art by H.Aarniranta©
oil, ink , crayon, pencils.mixed media and watercolors.acrylic
3 of these are in private collections
in Finland
-The Netherland

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Heli Aarniranta
Visual artist Helsinki, Finland