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Pureflush, ABC's American Inventor - Packaging for the Pureflush toilet system uses the large white box medium as a billboard for buyers. The revolutionary nature of the product makes it necessary to advertise the system in a very iconic and viral fashion. When someone is walking away with a Pureflush toilet, everyone else should look at it and ask themselves "what's that?"
The Magic Bean Co. - Brand Identity for The Magic Bean Co. a venture start up, specializing in creating products for the child development industry.
CLAW - Identity for CLAW as featured on 2007 season of ABC's American Inventor.
ANVIL - Identity for Anvil Auto, Inc. A company which specializes in customized vanity parts for the Classic American Muscle Car Market.
Bianca Rubi - Branding for Professional Makeup Artist Bianca Rubi, promotes her reknown art decco style.
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Henry (Jay) Yu
Concept Designer Los Angeles, CA