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Design Process of A-Key Authentication Tokens - Personal electronic identity token allows users to work simply in a secure environment. The A-Key token allows the user to authenticate to their personal computer, the web, their business and/or enterprise network by simply plugging their A-Key into their computer's USB port, or by using the dynamically generated one-time password from the LCD display.
Sample: CADD and Modelmaking - SolidWorks CADD model to production prototype.
Sample: Concept Sketches
Sample: Concept Sketches
Impresso Caffe - A new approach to the personal french press. Impresso Caffe makes it easy for any office caffe afficianado to brew his or her favorite grind.
Bottle Design for Casa Noble - In collaboration with artist Kevin Newman of KLN Studios, Los Angeles.
Montara Lounger - A suspension chair fabricated from injection molded acrylic. The suspended area is slit with a series of cutouts which softens the seating area to conform to a sitters bum. The hollow negative space can be used to store a book or favorite magazine.
Packaging Comps - Packaging Comps constructed and painted for KimVo c/o Maddocks Design.
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Henry (Jay) Yu
Concept Designer Los Angeles, CA