Alfa Romeo Maremoto - Seawaves-inspired Alfa romeo coupe..
Audi 2-seater commuter car - This compact Audi is designed to be the ideal commuter car. The passenger is seated behind the driver. The canopie-style cockpit allowes for perfect visibility in rush-hour traffic. The Audi Spaceframe technology will keep this car light and extremely fuel-efficient. It's narrow posture makes it easy to park in those tight spaces.

The design was slightly inspired by the Auto Union Type-C racer.
Spyker quick sketch - I really have to stop sketching in pink...
Savage Rivale design on Evora platform - A render I made in a photoshop class I taught.
RSQ competetor by Citroen sketch
DaCar - Entry for and IED 1-hour design contest
Automotive Design
Jochem Hinloopen
European Bachelor of Engineering Amersfoort, Netherlands