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Most of the coolest assigntments go to the high-skilled or big-name artists. So instead of waiting to get picked, i've decided to come up with unique projects to create the DIY (do it yourself) projects I liked most by myself. The products below will give me a hand in gaining exposure to the outside world.

With some help of my awesome mother, I've managed to sow this drawstring bag togheter.. Its 100% cotton,
washable" and nicely done for a first attempt.. Thanx mom! :D

100% bamboo T-shirt with the Hiredmonkeez logo.

While i’m not into fashion or follow the trends, I couldn’t help but notice that alot of teenagers started to wear Varsity jackets. These jackets are traditionally worn by high school and college students in the United States to represent school and team pride.
This was a great opportunaty to gain more exposure, by representing my own artist name on a varsity jacket. So I designed a couple of logos and placed them on it. The front displays my logo and the backside my full artist name. And a BIG shout-out" to Felicia van Melsen, who helped me with this project! "Rock on!!
Happy Varsity
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Hired Monkeez
Allround DTP/ Visual designer Amsterdam, Netherlands