Miller Lite Punch Top Can | Innovation Management ONLY - Conceptualization and development of a secondary opening on the lid of the can to improve pour characteristics of a can. The intent is to reduce the glugging effect to get the can to drink more like a pint glass. Commercialized Summer 2012
Miller Lite 24oz Grip Can | Innovation Management ONLY - Conceptualization and development of a raised ink technology / application to enhance the tactile experience on aluminum cans. Innovation management ONLY. Commercialized Winter 2011
Innovation Room - This was a great project which really stretched my abilities. I had to do everything from the layout of this room to the furniture selection as well as building in intrinsic functionality for future use.
Innovation room buildout
Innovation room buildout
Concept Sketch of Cooler Bottle Pack
Leinenkugel's Cooler Bottle Pack - Conceptualizied functionality and placement of this carton.
Concept Sketch of Cooler Can Pack
Leinenkugel's Cooler Can Pack - Conceptualizied the development and placement of this carton.
Innovation Presentation - This is just a slide from an innovation presentation I put together recently. The presentation explained the various responses a company may take in a series of financial states. It also explained different innovation methods and methods to maintain innovation within a company.
Purchasing Behavior - These charts represent purchasing behavior through various retail channels in the consumer food industry.
Innovation Management Process - A presentation I have assembled to explain hard deliverables to the other BU's within our company. The goal is to create a process in which we can sustain and grow the innovation process.
Opening Feature Exploration
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Innovation Mangement
Charles Ho Fung...
Packaging Innovation Insights Scientist @ MillerCoors New Berlin, WI