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1/10 scale model of bench unit. Allows the user to bounce and fidget mindlessly with the cords while relaxing.
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"T-151 is an intensive, one-week project rallying together all students of the RIT Industrial Design department. Working with an all-consuming deadline, this project dedicates students to mixed-year teams devoting their entire course load within the major to a single project. Each team is comprised of a representative from every level of the ID program; freshman to graduate level. The one-week project is launched on the first day of classes in the spring term with all students attending a presentation where the project scope and sponsor is revealed. The department partners with an industry sponsor to drive the criteria and offer an award to reward the winning team’s concept. The title ‘151’ refers to the number of hours in the project from launch to showcase end."

T-151 was put into place for the first time this year. I was honored to be a part of the test group for this historical project. Our assignment was to find an existing space in the ID department at RIT and design a lounge.

Holly Neel
Industrial Designer Cincinnati, OH