Zaprendo logo and branding
Logo made for kyokushinkai karate club.
Crimea Herbs logo and branding
logo for US based company
Cyant is about connecting art and technology, "right brain" and "left brain", to grow connections, foster learning, creativity and engagement. Looking at Cyant's history, trees have been a silent symbol of this connectedness and growth from day 1. And looking to the future, Cyant will work as much as possible to do its part in supporting sustainability and a greener environment.
logo for Binaural Beat Therapy application. Free for iOS and Android
Dillon Budd logo for Dubai based firm. Dillon Budd provides banking services for the Middle East and modern world.
Agnes Katona logo

Logo made for a cloths brand and online store
Xadros - Gaming industry logo
PACS RIStor - logo variants
Texas Poker Face_ logo - A logo for iPhone/iPad game
goldbar responder
Goldbar Enterprises
Goldbar Web Hosting -
Conundrum -
Logos & Branding
Maxim Mylov
360º ROUNDESIGN - (UI, UX, iPhone/iPad, Web, Illustration, Logo, Print)... Ростов-на-Дону, Russia