Uklon taxi is a Kiev based online taxi firm. I was to redesign a current version of their ios app creating a new UI/UX design.
Made for
Application where you draw or write something and then it is sent to 3D printer and you have a printed version of your masterpeace
Freshr app UI/UX design. Social app for fishermen (fish sellers) and buyers
app icon
"Download Junkie"
3 apps 3 skins
Mayan Escape_main menu - The main caracters was created by another illustrator
Mayan Escape_icons - The main caracter was created by another illustrator
Mayan Escape_tiles - I tried to make the tiles more realistic/natural as one can see on some photos of mayan buildings.
Car Race Maze - for iPad/iPhone. I did only tiles for this game.
Word Crank logo/icon - clients idea
Word Crank 2d animation
Word Crank main menu screen - screen graphics upgrade
New Main Menu screen with 2d animation
Mud Map logo concepts
eyeWitnez logo/icon -
Action Sports MLB iPad app home screen
Texas Poker Face game Logo_iPad/iPhone_icon
Table Manager Logo_iPad/iPhone_icon
Air Command -
Conundrum -
Mobile Device Graphics
Maxim Mylov
360º ROUNDESIGN - (UI, UX, iPhone/iPad, Web, Illustration, Logo, Print)... Ростов-на-Дону, Russia