FLUX rucksack strap mounted concept - Concept sketchwork investigating positioning areas on the body optimising accessibility. Using a combination of 2D and 3D views encourages efficient form development whilst mainting a loose and dynamic feel.
FLUX rucksack mounted concept 2 - More detailed functionality ideas to rucksack mounting concept; exploring modularity and ease of use.
FLUX arm mounted concept - Quick exploratory sketches for an arm mounted hydration device. Red marker used to contrast removable snow/water module from the harness.
FLUX initial development concept - Early concept stage visual for the waterbottle concept. This model was rendered as an early idea proposal to gain approval as a concept.
FLUX initial grip form development - Following initial approval of the concept block model. Development work began by sketching proposed forms for the TPU overmoulded grip section. This was designed to act as a grip for gloved cold hands but also protection for the casing.
FLUX final production model - Final production CAD model following development process including blue rubber drinking spout cover and yellow grip sections.
FLUX Outdoor sustainment system - Recoloured parts. The idea being to use a bright colour to contrast against natural surroundings. Image shows filtration cartridge option.
FLUX Snow Melting and Water FiltrationFLUX Snow Melting and Water Filtration - Finished aesthetic model shown in context.
FLUX Snow Melting and Water Filtration - Device shown mounted on rucksack attachment.
FLUX Snow Melting and Water Filtration
FLUX Snow Melting and Water Filtration - Application of modular Heat Pack unit.
FLUX Snow Melting and Water Filtration
FLUX Snow Melting and Water Filtration - Rucksack mounting attachment.
FLUX Snow Melting Device 2008
Hugo Busbridge
Industrial designer and teacher of design Hong Kong, Hong Kong