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Pilla - portable speakers come in a pair. they usually hook up to computers or portable music players. the goal of this project was to make the two separate parts more accomodating to carry, without wires hanging out and having to juggle the two dangling speakers (solidworks rendering)
Pleated Vase Series - Earthenware Slip Cast.
Molds made by plaster.
Child Locator - Developed in MIT and RISD joint Studio, the Child Locator enables parents and guardians to locate their children at all times. The device uses avalanche rescue technology which is a radio frequency based transmitter and receiver tracker.
and then what happened? - communication starts with listening, opening your senses to what others are thinking. when you fully understand their point of view, then you are ready to articulate your own ideas. in any design situation, we, as designers have to always understand how the end user interacts with the final product.
the game ...and then what happened? focuses on the development of team communcation in four phases of story relaying as a team versus another team.