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digital artwork
digital artwork
Monster sketch - Sketched up on my Ipad...Ipad is the sexay
Monster sketch - sketched up on my Ipad...
ant diagram - colored pencil on good ol' canson
Brothers - Pencil illlustration
Iggos robots...sketch...bumpy
Iggos robots...sketch...koi koi
Logo design for a local Handmade store...
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Artwork that sold at Breakneck Gallery in Lakewood, OH...the theme was Avengers Heroes and Villains...at the time Lebron James had left Cleveland so he was portrayed as the villain...and Bob Feller never left Cleveland so he was the Hero...Just a real vs fantasy comparison type of idea...
The rat claw graphic T - One of the many graphics/illlustrations that I came up with for a company that sells military products/gear...The actual device was designed by an army safety guy....

Google "the rat claw in action" for videos...



Spoon flower Graphic file...printed robot plush
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My new portfolio site: www.blupony808.vpweb.com

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Katie Oswalt
Artist/Designer Willoughby Hills, OH