What they have now.
How it works.
First inspiration board.
Second inspiration board.
Rough first design models.
Final Polished Design.
AirPatrol Remote Thermostat Control

This first designs was inspired by both the more blocky, and angular, and then became refined, and smooth. This shows the two versions, the more rectilinear concept that I started with, and the smoothed out design as well. These two concepts would be roto-molded, and have a back door for access to internals and for battery replacement.

Moving from the first, the second design follows the design language of AirPatrol, while pulling inspiration from other sources, such as apple, and the internals of a rotary engine, a Reuleaux Triangle. The case opens by using a screwdriver to pry open with use of opening at the bottom.
While the sketches do show a recess in the bottom for some sensors and the two hidden buttons, this was removed in the final design because of the added difficulty in molding this shape and retaining wall thickness. The optional screw-on back plate shown in the sketches is for a version with removable/replaceable batteries, without having to take the entire unit apart.

Ian Peterman
Industrial Designer Los Angeles, CA