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Detail from Al Ahram Canadian University
ST Andrew 2012 Reproduction for a Byzantine mosaic from San vital, Italy
smalti, gold
14" X 16"
Natural stone Tabletop 12'X12"
Houres eye 2011
Natural stone
12" X 12"
Inside 4"X4" Natural Stone, Smalti
Trapped 4"X4" Natural stone, Smalti
Forbidden 4"X4" Natural stone, Smalti.
Rise 4"X4" Natural stone, Smalti.
By The River 4"X4" Natural Stone, Smalti
Happiness 90"X36" an outdoor Mosaic
Natural Stone, Smalti
Happiness 2012
Smalti, natural stone
36" X 90"
sheet glass, glass tiles, Ceramic
90" X 108"
rebirth 2011
natural stone, smalti
14" X 14"
sauce 2011 an Indoor Mosaic for a Pizza restaurant
sheet glass
26 square feet
face 2013
monochromatic with white
sculpture mosaic 14" X 12"
Pond 2015 a Public Mosaic, Brookfield, IL
sheet glass, glass tiles
62 square feet
Change 2017
Smalti, Natural Stone, Stained Glass, Gold, White Gold, Slate.
Sculpture Form.
Detail 1 of "Change"
Detail 2 of "Change"
Happiness ( small version) 10"X12" Natural Stone, Smati
Waiting 2014
smalti, natural stone, slate, sheet glass, Gold, white gold
Reproduction 14"X14" Natrual Stone

Natural Stone
Struggle 12"X36"
Natural Stone, Smalti, Slate, Gold, White Gold, Sheet Glass

Hidden 10"X12"
Natural Stone, Smalti, Slate
Release 12"X14"

Natural Stone, Smalti, Slate, Gold, White Gold
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Mosaic Work - Ahmed's design, creation and installation.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Ahmed Ibrahim
Mosaic Artist Gurnee, IL