UI/UX mockup of ReTargeter homepage. My goal for this was to create something which naturally contradicted - an enterprise level business that also appreciated people and their individual small businesses. Featuring a large image of a business owner and sleeker brand language, I think this was accomplished compared to the company's current site.
Landing Page image/theme for SXSW event 2013
Login screen for ReTargeter Dashboard Concept
Once each stage is completed, the finished fields are swept off the page to the left, indicating forward momentum into the next step.
Each step of the signup process is accompanied by the progress bar up top.
As slides fade and transition, the progress bar follows suit.
At the billing stage, we collect credit card information and try to keep the amount of info as minimal as possible. The Credit card company is automatically determined by the number, indicated by the icon to the right.
Once complete, the user is prompted whether they would like to take a tour or get started.
While integrating into Marketing's launchpoint, I created a UI element to tie together the two brands. This is moreso a graphic/UI type of project, and less UX or site design obviously.
ReTargeter Home Page main image treatment
Shopify eCommerce theme with original artwork, branding and font treatment applied.
ReTargeter ADstudio Lead Gen Page Part 1
ReTargeter ADstudio Lead Gen Page Part 2
Euro Image Tuning - Shopify eCommerce theme with branding, color and font treatment
Special FX Salon website - Structure, Color theme, and all photography original to me. Theme supplied by client.
Visual Design for Web
Ian Douglass
Graphic & Product Designer for Hire San Francisco, CA