NIKE Megaball - Two 8x8m ball in the center of Sao Paulo. One with the Nike 90 Ball for day usage, the other in withe for the projections all over the night. We made a 4 min animation loop with advertising material and graphics. Agency: age. CD: Rodny Lobos
Adobe Illustrator CS5 pre-release program - As part of the Adobe Illustrator CS5 pre-release program, I was invited to create an illustration that demonstrate some of the new features. I had the amazing opportunity to test the new program first hand. There are a lot of great new tools which helps to create better artworks in less time. At you can download the tutorial and actual artwork & see the other designers artwork.
IBM icons for the Express Advantage campaign
alkr - branding & product design - alkr is a new brand focused on protection gears for our beloved MacBooks and iPhones. It's all about fun and colors. You can take a closer look of the project and products at
BlackRock campaign illustration - BlackRock campaign illustration, Financial Times CD: Mark Klein, Ogilvy New York
MTV, Music Video Trophy Brasil 2004-06 - I made this great trophy project for the MTV VMB Brasil. 2004 until 2007. Agency: age CD: Rodny Lobos Design:
Kuat Guarana Brasil, Softdrink - Logo - tribal design for a new campaign proposal. Agency: Loducca, Sao Paulo, CD: Bejamin Jung
BlackRock campaign pattern - Layout for the Blackrock campaign.
Belts for - I made a cooperation with unchaste/uk and created two designs for their belt collection.
adidas originals t-shirt collections SS08 - Here are some of the Tees I made for adidas originals SS08 collection.
BlackRock campaign illustration - artwork for the BlackRock campaign CD: Mark Klein, Ogilvy New York
Portfolio - overview
Philippe Intraligi
Graphic Designer & Creative Director New York, NY