POMBA - vector based illustration
city light - Personal work. Vector based city landscape illustration. Effects and collage details made in photoshop.
three stripes - Collage for a Tee graphic.
GLASES - Illustration for a germany optician.
Wallpaper - handdrawn, vector flowers as a pattern. Usage for a textile print, ect...
BABEL - Illustration with pen and spraycan, mixed with fotos and type.
SEA - Artwork for a fashionstore, collage and digital treadment.
cmykaos.com - artwork for the website cmykaos.com
LUX - vector and pixel based graphic for a background of a website.
PESCE - Illustration for a fishstore in Rome.
FLOR - Free illustration of an organism - (bonsai-flowers related) Top: Used for the BAK-Magazine, April 2006 Bottom: Used for Unchased Belt Design
Berlin - Collage
Philippe Intraligi
Graphic Designer & Creative Director New York, NY