wallpaper - Wallpaper for the alkr brand launch in Okt.09
Missy Elliott pattern proposal
adidas originals Superstar pattern, ss08 collection - I made this pattern for adidas originals Spring/Summer 2008 collection. It appeared on the accessories and bags.
adidas originals zig zag
adidas originals melting trefoil pattern
Pattern - Concept pattern for adidas originals shoe range.
adidas originals "Handbags for Feet" collection ss08 - This pattern is made of adidas logos for a woman shoe of the HHF collection ss08.
adidas originals Tanabata women shoe - Pattern for the special shoe collection of adidas originals women. Theme was the japanese Tanabata festival. Thank you for the picture of the Tanabata shoe!!!
adidas originals shoe pattern - I made a lot of logo op-art pattern for the originals shoe range. Here is one of it.
adidas originals crystal pattern - One of many chrystal pattern test.
adidas originals pattern concept - This pattern is based on the basic design elements from the adidas originals brand. The Trefoil and the zig zag stripes. I played around with geometric forms and colours.
adidas originals logo pattern
randomness - floating color particle
pattern mix
Philippe Intraligi
Graphic Designer & Creative Director New York, NY