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Unreal Engine scene

Intensive result from Skillbox 'Create a 3D scene based on the Lord of the Rings in Unreal Engine in 3 days'

As part of the intensive:
- Create the structure of the future landscape.
- Sculpt the shape.
- Draw masks for materials and adjust them.
- Automate the planting of large plants.
- Plant medium vegetation: bushes and young trees.
- Work with small vegetation: grass and flowers.
- Add basic small models: branches, stones, leaves.
- Add large and medium architectural shapes.
- Place a dragon on the picture.
- Work out small details
- Finish the composition, scene and angles.

Video by project: https://youtu.be/GTkOq5jjYks

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Ivan Yevsiunin
3D Designer Мариуполь, Ukraine