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Emotion Blending Animation System in Unity3D

This work was created over the course of 4 months full time for the Scriptease II project at the University of Alberta. I created 4 different video game characters from scratch that could all share the same animations. A model of an apartment was also created. The characters were designed for use in a video game module that would try to help treat depression.

Animations were created using 3DS max and imported into the unity game engine. Scripting was used to create dynamic character emotions reflected through their walk cycles, posture, and hands in real time. The emotions were based on animations for Sadness, Joy, Anger, and Fear. The animations for these emotions could then be blended in at different weights to portray a wide array of emotions.

will leave a link for a live unity demo when I can find hosting for it.

Jamie Schmitt
Industrial Designer Edmonton, Canada