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Sky swimming pool at the base of the hotel
Interior atrium from ground level looking up through the "eye of the storm"

Vortex is a tower that draws the fabric of Calgary together. As a super-tall skyscraper is reaches over 120 floors and over 600m. Drawing the site adjacencies together, Vortex brings the natural, cultural, historic and economic pieces of Calgary together. By drawing together significant adjacencies, first the river, then Stampede, the downtown core, and finally Fort Calgary, Vortex builds on all of these powerful Calgary icons to develop it’s own icon status.

The center of the tower has open views from the ground up, the ‘eye of the storm’, with every part of the tower having ample access to daylight. The tower is cut off at certain points, the office at the average height of the rest of downtown. With sky garden amenities continuing the south tower form they also provide structural support as well as cultural gathering spaces.

Jesse Potrie
Architect, AAA Lethbridge, Canada