works finished in 2007 liteonaward 2007 IF concept award 2009
It's the revolution of hand drier. Main functions: 1.Drying: drying hands after washing them in daily life. 2.Cleaning: disinfecting through the ozone generator after drying. 3.Green solar energy recharge.
The form of the work derives from the towel in our daily life. It appears ordinary, but it can unintentionally take care of our health. It can be recharged by the solar energy. And when we don't use it, we can place it in the balcony to absorb the sunshine.
It is our habit to use ultraviolet as disinfector in our daily life, when drying the towel, clothes and others. We hope that users continue to form the habit through the use of drier and Cleaner? After washing hands, if we only use the hand drier, many bacteria will still remain on our hands. However, drier and Cleaner?will solve this problem in a healthier and greener way.
arrange the position of each functional part
mockup exhibit in Liteonaward Museum in Taipei It's a teamwork with Feijun Chen If any compeny or individual is interesting in this product do not hesitate to contact us.
Drier and Cleaner

drier and cleaner

Qian Jiang
Product and Furniture designer at Normann Copenhagen Lund, Sweden