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It's a teamwork with 2 Nowagine designers:
Ida Kristiansen & Karin Ekwall
Autumn 2012
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We worked with the characteristics of porcelain and wanted to make a product that is a contrast to these characteristics. We thought of the fragility of porcelain, and then decided to make somehing robust - a hammer. The hammer is a "piggy bank", for saving money. The product is an "emergency hammer" - if youre really broke, you will have to slam the hammer into someting and break it to get your money out. Because the product will be broken forever, you will really have to think through if you _really_ need the money. Maybe you come to the conclusion that you dont really need to buy that thing, and then save more money!

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Qian Jiang
Product and Furniture designer at Normann Copenhagen Lund, Sweden