Musical Hinge

Design Concept:
In our memory, the old door hinge makes harsh and strange noise, so here I’m questioning: why don’t develop the sound of the door? I want to make a vintage style object to bring fun and nice sound back to the door in our life.

The idea is to well-using the rotation of the door when opening and turning off, to operate this mechanical music box device. But this device itself is an accessory for the ordinary hinge, so if mass-produced, the manufacture doesn’t have to change the mould for their original product, which means just need to be attach to the regular door hinge. The object is made of metal in order to be more stable and for long-term using. There is also a switch on it, so that people could do on or off whenever they are choosing. This product could be used family and office, for those people who want to make life funny and “Sounds good”.

Qian Jiang
Product and Furniture designer at Normann Copenhagen Lund, Sweden