Why and how I came up this idea? one of those supported articles: http://www.vox.com/2014/4/25/5652566/space-radiation-causes-cognitive-impairments
Research shows that there are high levels of radiation in outer space where astronauts are not protected by the Earth’s atmosphere. In fact, the longer the mission, the higher the risk of death by cancer. This project indicates that during a space travel, no matter if you have radiation detector equipment or not, the human body is always the first one detecting the radiation. In most cases your body won't react to the radiation immediately, unless the “cancer” is telling you. The aim of this project is to create a discussion on how society perceive astronauts, are they heroes or mice?
Discussing idea with experts in Johnson Space Center. Course Blog: http://starsdesign2013.tumblr.com/
initial concept, (sculptural-ish) via 3D printer
Modeling by Creo
CNC the mould based on Aluminum
Final polishing to the mould
Programming: Arduino Uno + Geiger Counter Kit
Installation with uranium compound stone (radioactive)

This project is the 3rd Semester Project from Master Programme in Industrial Design in Lund University, within 2 weeks field trip in Houston visiting and getting inspired by what happening inside NASA zone. The aim of this project is to investigate man in relation with living in extreme environments and generate new ideas for this relationship.

Qian Jiang
Product and Furniture designer at Normann Copenhagen Lund, Sweden