You know,in ancient China reading on the back of hourse, reading in bed and reading in stool were 3 'reading-time'. therefore, they become 3 kinds of happiness in people's lives gradually. Reading a book in washroom is a kind of unheroic happiness.We even don't know how the happiness comes, but it has become many people's habit before appreciate it.
But you know that reading for along time in toilet is not good for your health.SO we try to continue this habit by using more scientific and more healthy way.We also hope that it will give the user a new experience.
How to combine the new technology with the family condition and traditional value is the major problem that this design try to settle.We are in search of the motive from the details of lfie. W e hope that this product and its user can form a new kind of relation. In the other hand we hope it can delight and relax the user by being used.
EASY TO USE This work is a teamwork with my friend Le Jin. After we research the human habit of reading we try to creat a product to settle the problem.


Qian Jiang
Product and Furniture designer at Normann Copenhagen Lund, Sweden