I wanted to bring a fun look to the logo. She creates a lot of custom cakes. I drew the cake and text in illustrator then created the stroke and gloss effects in photoshop. This brought a a professional look to a fun logo.
In photoshop I was able to apply the logo and some design elements to the box for Becca's Cakes. Once the box was complete, I took a photo of my parents kitchen table and placed the box on as if it was always there.
Using a simple sleek design I made here business cards. The addition of the cake slice was a photo I took from one of her portfolio pieces done in college. This brought an elegant contrast to the bright picks and purples. Once they were created I took a picture of a table in my basement. I darkened the photo and laid out the business cards on the table.
This is an introductory advertisement for Becca's Cakes. I kept it simple with a lot of photography overlaid on the background. I used the image of the cake from the business cards and the cake box to display what she can do and show the consumer what their will come in along with a price mark and direction to her website.
For the web site of Becca's Cakes, I wanted to carry out the pinks and reds in the logo for the page while also having the bakery feel. Here customers would be able to see everything Becca's Cakes has to offer.
Becca's Cakes

My wife Rebecca is a pastry chef. I designed a logo, cake box, ad, business cards and web site if she ever decided to freelance utilizing her skills in pastry.

Jeffrey Smith
Digital Artist Meriden, CT