Caribou Lager Logo. This was digitally drawn in Illustrator. After the illustration was complete, I brought it into Photoshop where using the burn and dodge tool, the blur tool, I was able to bring the skull to life and really make the detail in the text.
Just the skull and caribou text left the logo looking empty. I thought the look of the skull on the wall with the text over it may look cool. I brought an abstract shape to the wall. Using some vector lining, gradient effects, and again the burn and dodge tool I was able to bring a realistic wood grain texture to the background of the logo.
Here is the label for Caribou Lager. Since it is just an introductory design there is a lot of information about the product as well as the logo for the new brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
For the 6 pack carrier, I wanted to make it to advertise the long neck version of the bottle. Using Photoshop I was able to make my own wood texture and also incorporate a glass filled with the beer next to the bottle.
The Caribou website interface is made to bring attention to the new product. Using a rustic design really brings out the clean design of the bottle, logo, and carrier. Still, allowing for a clean look that is inviting to guests.
Caribou Lager

Caribou Lager would be an alcoholic beverage brought to us by Milwaukee Brew. I like to take the concept of one idea being the logo and carrying that brand through to other packaging and advertisement needs.

Jeffrey Smith
Digital Artist Meriden, CT