Assets for the Sell Sheet were given to me. My sole job of this project was to layout there imagery and text to make a compelling piece for Grand Touring Vodka to give there distributors.
For the pocket schedule design, it was basically the same idea as the sell sheet with there assets and given and my self laying them out for the design. The Instant Classic ad on the inside of the schedule, I was given creative freedom. These were placed on the first 100,000 bottles of Grand Touring Vodka sold across the U.S.
As another advertising piece, the GT Table Tent was designed with my creative freedom with imagery that needed to be there and copy given by the client. These were placed on tables in bars across the U.S. to advertise new brand and the sponsorship with NASCAR.
Grand Touring Vodka

Grand Touring Vodka was an up in coming alcoholic beverage company. Their owner was Paul Sacks Jr. His father raced for NASCAR in the 80's. My primary responsibilities was to bring awareness to their company through print advertising. The company sponsored one of Dale Earnhardt Jr's 88 cars from JR Motorsports. Here are some samples of the work I did for them.

Jeffrey Smith
Digital Artist Meriden, CT