The Curtis Lofton Email Blast was an incredible job for me. Being an avid football fan, I would have to say this was my favorite project to work on during my employment. Using photoshop to design the assets of the blast and simple HTML/CSS coding it was relatively easy to slice and code. The Rec Warehouse logo in the football actually acted as a button to the home page of the Rec Warehouse website. The email blast brought about 350 customers new and old to this location in Atlanta, Georgia.
The Rec Warehouse Brochure was a somewhat difficult project to work on. We had a lot of inventory to try to showcase in a small area. We also had to find new customers to mail the brochure to. After designing the layout of how I wanted it to look, I separated the assets and imported them into InDesign. InDesign allowed me to layout it out in a more crisp and elegant look.
Rec Kids was an advertisement in a kids magazine with the sole intent to have parents see what they can purchase for their children and home.
Their Red Tag Clearance ad was placed in shopping circulars given around the southeast. A bases on price was big considering it was a clearance sale to the prices were more highlighted than the actual descriptions of the products.
Leisure Bay Industries / Rec Warehouse

Leisure Bay Industries owned Rec Warehouse. My role as the Graphic Designer was to do the in-store and web graphics for the Rec Warehouse Stores in the Southeast. These were what I felt were my best projects through my employment with them.
Primary Responsibilities:
Worked closely with Marketing Director to bring customers to Rec Warehouse locations across the southeast.
Helped edit and revise Rec Warehouse website .
Designed in store advertising, for Leisure Bay and Rec’s products.
Trade show graphics, as well as magazine advertisements and email blasts.

Jeffrey Smith
Digital Artist Meriden, CT