For the logo design, I wanted to try and merge design styles from the 90s with the days of 2016. Using Illustrator for the line work of the car then Photoshop to enhance my line work and color, I was able to make a vehicle that looked realistic and still had the flare of custom vehicle.
This was the current for the Cruizers.
Saturday Night Cruizers

The Saturday Nite Cruizers of Wallingford have been in existence since 1992 though the SNC name is a very recent addition.
The club was originally founded as and known as the Ford Club of Wallingford from 1992 until 2010. During those years the club was primarily a Ford and associated Ford Motor Company products organization, but ownership of a vehicle was never a requirement for membership just as long as an individuals enthusiasm for the hobby was there. In 2010 the club went through a rebirth and became open to all makes and models club along with the name change to the Saturday Nite Cruizers. Here is a new logo and business card for them for the upcoming 2016 season.

Jeffrey Smith
Digital Artist Meriden, CT