Noid Frenzy!

This was a piece I illustrated for work during the summer of 2011. We developed an arcade style game for Domino's where the players shot an ice gun at flying tomatoes and pizza. My part of this was to create an image for our game console that had the look and feel of the early 90's. I pretty much had free reign on this one. I referenced early 90's X-men comics for the color palette and The Punisher for reference in regard to looking like a bad-ass with a big gun. The Noid and all of the flying pizzas and tomatoes started off as a pen and ink piece on bristol board. I scanned that in and colored my ink drawing in Photoshop. The title board and joystick area were also created the same way. After the images were approved on our end, I Photoshopped the arcade scene making sure to include the dirt and grime typically seen at a run down, dark, dirty arcade.

Freelance, Full-time
Jack Gregory
Illustrator Los Angeles, CA