All Pathfinder Second Edition classes use an introduction page like this one. While it contains the valuable basic statistics of the class, it's most important duty is to help outline the flavor of the class as a warrior-monk who studies and emulates cosmic forces of creation and destruction.
This page outlines how the class progresses with each level as well as the core mechanic of Stellar Mode. Players are encouraged to cycle through Stellar Mode states repeatedly in order to cast the powerful Zenith Revelation Cantrips, but players are not forced to do so.
A handful of the many class feats available to the Solarian. Unlike its Starfinder counterpart, every feat that grants an ability to Photon attunement grants a matching ability to the Graviton attunement and vice versa. This is to reinforce the themes of celestial balance in the class as well as ensure players are given a sufficient amount of abilities to play around with.
Four of the spells available to the class. Spells come in thematic pairs, with one Photon and one Graviton spell per pair. Generally, Photon spells are more aggressively oriented, while Graviton spells are more defensively oriented.
The archetype page for this class, allowing any character to multiclass into the Solarian with these various feats.
Adventurers in Golarion: The Solarian

A new class for Pathfinder Second Edition published under the Pathfinder Infinite program. This class is a thematic adaptation of the Starfinder class of the same name, but has dramatically different mechanics to fit the flavor.

Illustrations are used under the Pathfinder Infinite license and the text itself was created using PF2e Scribe.

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