Title Screen
Basic page structure is to introduce players to the most notable features of the room, how any surviving party members are interacting with the room, and then any inciting events that move players to action. Having events directly before player choices grants a sense of urgency to both events and choices.
The most famous piece of imagery for the Tomb of Horrors: The Great Green Devil. As the first instant death trap in the adventure, players are given multiple options to gain information without risking a game over.
The most basic of the logic puzzles pulled directly from the original adventure. This puzzle is intentionally harsh, as players are more likely to pick the first option (flipping the left lever), which leads to a game over. However, it gets the player into the mindsight that the dungeon is intentionally designed to prey on typical expectations.
The first door in the rather devious gauntlet of doors. Like the original dungeon, players have no way of knowing how to open a given door. While largely unacceptable in a typical game, this adaptation is also supposed to invoke the pastiche of particularly unfair, quarter-sucking arcade games. This was due to the theme of the Mars Fest 2022 Game Jam being 80's era arcade titles.
The final door in the gauntlet of doors, this puzzle is meant to intimidate players more than deceive them. The answer is to simply press all the buttons.
One of a myriad of different game over screens. Player deaths are treated as morbid, but comedic. In contrast, party member deaths are treated as tragedies with little to no comedic element. This is to discourage the senseless sacrifice of party members so players will optimize towards keeping party members alive to achieve the best ending.
The game over screen that also functions as an achievement tracker.
Realms of Horror

Created for the ODU Mars Fest 2022 Game Jam, this game is a recreation of the classic Dungeons & Dragons module S1 Tomb of Horrors as a text-based choose-your-own-adventure title in Twine 2.0.

This project was solely developed by me in a span of approximately 4 days and contains nearly 150 pages of content.

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