A pitch video made for an early version of the game as part of a student project. The project required the use of a puppet in the pitch as one of the deliverables, so I opted to create a skit involving two rival puppets to better demonstrate the mechanics of the game.
Some of the ingredient cards used for an early prototype for the game. This early version had 16 different keywords for each ingredient, 8 for taste and 8 for texture.
Several of the judge cards used for an early prototype of the game. To make it easy to distinguish between judge and ingredient cards when shuffling the game back up, judge cards are larger and oriented in a landscape format.
Ingredient cards from the current version of the game. After initial playtesting, 16 different keywords made for "whiffy" gameplay where too many cards provided little to no effect on a given dish. In addition, icons were added for each keyword to assist in speeding up play.
Judge cards from the current version of the game. To compensate for the reduced number of keywords and ensure players regularly score points, the number of disliked keywords was reduced from 3 to 2.
Part of the spreadsheet used to create the list of ingredient cards. This was done to ensure that every keyword shows up an equal amount of times and prevent any two ingredients from being identical.
A few of the bonus ingredient cards. Sabotage cards are powerful tools to undermine an opponent's dish, but it also makes it easy to create a comedic presentation for extra points.
SaPotage: A Party Card Game

A cooking-themed card game for 3-6 players where participants take on the role of chefs in a cutthroat culinary competition. Players make dishes to please some rather picky judges and can also sabotage the dishes of their competitors.

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Jackson Walsh
Game Designer & Producer Norfolk, VA