The title text for the project using the Pixel Cowboy font inspired by The Oregon Trail's title text.
One of several travel scenes throughout the game. The player is only given the choice to accelerate or decelerate, emphasizing the lack of choice pregnant women are given under restrictive abortion laws.
One of the several story cutscenes. Characters are presented in flat, harsh 1-bit graphics to instill a sense of unease and alienation in the player, mimicking the sensation of being in an examination room. The simple, blunt, and sterile text is also used to achieve the same goal.
The ending slide for the game presents the player with a call to action.
A snippet of documented C# code. This is the function called when the player clicks the "Abortion Facts" button during travel scenes. The code selects a random, previously unused integer value corresponding to a fact in the collapsed switch statement. The switch statement then changes a text string in another script before executing another function to display the text box containing the fact.
The Abortion Trail

An homage to The Oregon Trail, The Abortion Trail is a short game about recent legislation targeting women's healthcare. The game is simple, plain, and blunt to punctuate its message.

The Abortion Trail was also a personal challenge to develop a game in Unity with as few external assets and packages as possible. Every snippet of code, every sprite, and every sound effect was created by me. The only external assets used are two freely available typefaces.

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Jackson Walsh
Game Designer & Producer Norfolk, VA