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Mesa & Banco

7th Vertical Workshop: “Indigenous Dreams”
Academic Lider: Mariana Amatullo (art Center College of Design)
+ Fondo Estatal de Indígenas de la ZMG.
Year: 2012
In Colaboration:
Axel González Héctor Sánchez
Jaime Barragán Jaqueline Herrera
Miriam Sánchez Paloma Esquivel
Samantha Rodríguez Volga Álvarez
Table: egg carton, pine wood and plastic.
Stool: conventional bucket, MDF &
various fabrics.

Product development workshop to improve indigenous life in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara. The project required an investigation and a lifestyle analysis of the users, in our case, Maria del Carmen a purepecha woman. She decorates clothes with embroidery and crochet as her main source of income.

Taking in consideration all of these aspects and her cultural traditions, is how this set was created.

It consists of a sewing table where you can put several.
The project is also conformed by a small stool created with conventional buckets.

Freelance, Full-time
Beatriz Jaqueline Herrera...
Transdisciplinary Designer Mazatlán, Mexico