Computer Rendering -Vectrix - Rendering of a Vectrix, Electric Motorcycle. Done for drawing class. Used Photoshop CS5 and a Wacom Tablet.
Presentation Drawings - Reverse Engineering - A Milwaukee D-Handle Heavy Duty Drill was disassembled to gain a better understanding of components before redesign.

Pastel, Ink, Marker, Colored pencil
Presentation Drawings - Analytical - The original design is analyzed for redesign, a number of aspects where examined including ergonomics, visual styling, etc.
Presentation Drawings - Exploded View - The final design is portrayed in an exploded view, utilizing information gathered from reverse engineering to communicate the final design
Presentation Drawings - Final Design - The final design is presented, fully rendered, Front, side and 3/4 view. Both wet and dry pastel techniques are used, with marker, ink, and colored pencil
Bottle Design - Rendering depicts a bottle design. Marker with dry pastel.
Ski Goggles - Wet pastel technique. Along with marker, colored pencil and ink.
Floor Lamp Concept - Rendering plate depicting a lamp design, this iteration was adapted as a floor lamp. Includes a small marker rendering showing scale alongside a couch.
Dodge Viper - Traditional automotive style rendering of a dodge viper. wet and dry pastel, marker, ink, and colored pencil.
Computer Rendering - Bentley Continental - Rendering of a Bentley Continental. Done for drawing class. Used Photoshop CS5 and a Wacom Tablet.
Hand Renderings

Various exercises in hand rendering techniques. Marker, pastel (wet/dry), with details in ink and colored pencil.

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Jacob Turetsky
Lead Industrial Designer @ AON3D | Strategic Design and Development... Brooklyn, NY