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Concept for a CLT2 Transportation Team logo representing trailers being moved by our Amazon branded Daycabs and yard Hostler trucks making moves with the Charlotte Skyline in the background.
A Simpler version of Concept above without the Daycab.
A concept logo for CLT2`s Transportation Team. Showing the Mascott the Raptor holding one of the Amazon trailers to move it. In the background you can see the Charlotte skyline with one of the Amazon Prime Air planes departing the local CLT airport.
Operations approached me to design a logo for pins and shirts that showed "Support" for the Support Team at CLT2. I came up with the CLT2 mascot, the raptor and had it supporting Amazon`s Peccy riding on its back.
A concept logo design I made for the Central Region logo for Amazon`s Transportation Team.
The final logo design winner for the Central Region Transportation Team for Amazon.
A group photo I put together of my TSS/FAS team for the Central Region to represent at the end of our team Avengers Themed intro video for the network.
Amazon TOM Designs
Jacob Smith
Artist/Designer Savannah, GA