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17" Snow White Collector Doll- retail $100
This is to date my favorite doll I've designed. The new face sculpt and articulated body was created exclusively for the Disney Stores and first in the collector series which is now a huge hit.
Her dramatic cape of deep red velvet is quilted and hand beaded w/gold seed beads and lined in red satin charmeuse. The large elizabethan collar flares out in lace and pleated organza w/gold seed beads at the tips.
The dress features satin sleeves with the signature red cutouts and a velvet empire waist trimmed in gold with a red gem centered at the neckline.
Her pale yellow brocade skirt was embroidered with hearts down the center which I designed to taper from small on top to large at bottom to accentuate the flare of the skirt.
Topping her head is her signature bow glazed in red glitter which highlights a snow white complexion with a perfect red pout and rooted eyelashes.
She holds her songbird friend and the wicked red apple to complete the story.
17" Tiana Collector Doll- Retail $100
Tiana was doll #2 in the 17" Collector line and was released with the launch of the movie. Her Dress is actually much fuller once you fluff up the layers and is designed after her wedding dress at the end of the movie.
Features layers of two toned satin in green with a green braided trim on each petal and layered with a pale mint organza with hand glued glass gems to mimic water droplets.
The magnolia flower at the waist is mirrored in the bottom layers of the skirt made of crinkle taffeta floating above several layers of micro pleated tulle in a pale yellow.
Atop her head is an off white glitter tulle cathedral veil and magnolia leaf crown with three sprays of teardrop pearl beads.
Rooted eyelashes accentuate her almond shaped eyes and blue dewdrop necklace across her décolletage.
Outstretched in her hand is her froggie prince who gently rests on her custom painted gloves with gradient pale green inspired by the concept art from the movie.
11.5" Enchanted Giselle Collector Doll
Straight from the movie this mini Amy Adams features long curly strawberry red locks, custom silver VUM jewelry with inset gems (prototype jewelry is pictured unpainted) and custom embroidered dress embellished with crystals and three dimensional iridescent flowers.
The HUGE skirt really mimicked the cartoon-like dress from the film and was made of layers and layers of ruffled glitter tulle and bridal satin. And of course no cartoony dress would be complete without giant puffy sleeves made of embroidered organza! A dream princess dress!
11.5" Ariel Collector Doll
This was my very first collector doll so I actually did a lot of the hand beading & sequin details myself. I wanted her to be this swirling bejeweled princess of the sea & without a large ball gown to make a dramatic impact, I had to use dramatic materials!
Ariel's crown & base were made of real shells that were then cast in resin for production. Not pictured, a seahorse staff that lit up in package.
Her bodice is two toned taffeta seashells w/metallic seed beads and a pearl cluster in the center.
Nude mesh covers her arms/tummy and feature pearl sequins that swirl up her arms and waist like ocean waves.
Her waist fin is made of two-toned crinkle organza & sea flower w/pearl sprays, fin is two-tone w/gold embroidery & glass bugle beads in 2 colors that swirl & drape over her oversized sheer fins.
To give her more volume I found this beautiful ribbon trim that reminded me of seaweed and created a cape that clasped at the neck with a crystal star.
11.5" Tinker Bell Collector Doll
Tink was another challenging doll to create perceived value without a large ball gown to fill space. This is again where unique materials came into play.
Lots of hand applied flower accents (headpiece, choker, waist and purse) faux suede dress with gold embroidered leaf detail and arm cuffs with iridescent wisps and dew drop iridescent seed beads hanging in different lengths. Her wings were double sided and were created by sandwiching thin PVC sheeting between two iridescent organza layers and iridescent dew drop crystals at the tips.
Almost 10 layers of lime and lavender sparkle tulle were used under her skirt to give volume to her tiny faux suede dress w/iridescent crystal droplets on each petal.
Sheer leggings with an asymmetrical green glitter swirl complimented the glitter vine on her dress.
The base pictured was a placeholder at the time but was replaced by a sculptural flower base that twinkled behind her when she was displayed.
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