Render created in SolidWorks.
CFD analysis was done through Solidworks to assist in the creation of a low drag body.
Practical wind tunnel experiments were also done on a scale foam model to validate CFD results.
Production of the cars foam body work.
Final bodywork added to the cars frame.
Green Power Body Work

After creating the GreenPower cars frame and electrical systems body work had to be designed to reduce the drag acting on the car in order to achieve higher top speeds and motor efficiency's. To create this body i designed the body in SolidWorks using there CFD package to analysis the drag acting against the car. After coming up with a design practical wind tunnel tests were also performed on a scale model to validate the CFD results. Finally the body work was constructed out of foam and tested showing increases in speed of 5mph compared to the car without bodywork.

James Draper
Gentle Way Robotics East Grinstead, United Kingdom