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An electric bicycle kit was purchased that contained a 1000 watt hub motor laced in a 26" rim. I purchased a double walled 6061 aluminum 20" rim and had a local bike shop lave the wheel for me. This was a large request because spokes needed to be cut to custom short length which made the wheel difficult to lace.
A 1999 Mongoose Hooligan BMX bicycle was purchased off of craigslist and used for parts. The main parts of interest were the front zero offset Chrome-moly fork and the headset components. This bike was of interest to me because of the fork design. The large "pacman" style dropout provides more strength and will prevent the dropouts from breaking.
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Carbon Fiber Electric Drift Trike

The one thing that I dearly miss from my childhood is riding my bigwheel around the house and sliding around corners. Adult big wheels are expensive and goofy looking. My initial design was to make a variable speed big wheel powertrain that uses a friction disc drive to spin the front wheel. This design was complex and would be expensive to construct. I decided that using an electric hub motor would better meet my engineering specifications.

James Hertzel
Product Design Engineer Rochester, NY