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The mold was made from MDF and built by my team of new members and our Industrial design graduate. Sharp corners were removed from the mold to alow the plastic to form around the mold.
A strip bender was used to heat the sections of the plastic that will wrap around the corners of the box.
The bend began at the middle of the mode and would end at the middle as well.
Another strip of ABS was bonded at the seam of the box using resin.
End covers were designed with cable and ventilation holes.
The mold seen above was used to create the end covers.
The plastic sheet was heated in the vacuum former in the position seen above.
The mold was raising into the plastic and a vacuum was applied to take the shape of the mold.
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EVT Bicycle Battery Box

The electric bicycle kit purchased included a flimsy bag that did not provided an organized and sturdy component container. It became my responsibility to design a solution to this issue. The batteries will be placed inside the box and the controller will be mounted to the top of the box.

James Hertzel
Product Design Engineer Rochester, NY