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Hellboy was originally designed to be a drag racing motorcycle. The image above was taken at RIT's Destler challenge in 2012.
Hellboy reached roughly 60mph in the parking lot strip where the race was located.
The team decided that we wanted to make Hellboy less savage. We wanted to design a rider friendly moped that provided high performance and great range.
The final product was a campus cruiser with cafe racer styling cues.
Access to the electronic is open and modular to allow ease of adjustment and repair.
Nick Kelemen, a current Industrial Design Graduate from RIT is responsible for the unique styling and molded plastic components. Nick has happily taught me how to strip bend and vacuum form plastic.
Due to a lack of braking power, a new front hub brake was purchased. My current project is the construction of a new front wheel. New spokes, nipples, and rim have been purchased. The wheel will need to be laced, and a spacer will need to be machined to replace where the old speed sensor was located.
The original hub was worn and did not disengage fully after the brake lever was pulled. New pads in the hub will provide much better stopping power.
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EVT Small Motorcycle "Hellboy"

Since 2012, president Destler of RIT holds a green vehicle competition at the annual Imagine RIT event. The first Destler challenge was a green vehicle drag race. The founders of the Electric Vehicle Team entered the moped based electric motorcycle known as "Hellboy". This lightweight drag bike reached 60mph in 200 meters. The team placed well and has since aimed to tone down hellboy in a more rider friendly recreational vehicle. It serves as our technology prototype and experimental vehicle. Current work on hellboy consists of developing a battery management system, upgrading the brakes, and an on board computer with a digital readout.

James Hertzel
Product Design Engineer Rochester, NY