This was a quick project to explore the idea of using platonic polyhedra to represent chess pieces. There are 6 pieces in chess and only 5 platonic solids, so a truncated icosahedron was used for the king. The white pieces are crystal, and the black pieces are aluminium (if it looks black it's only because it's not reflecting anything), the board is aluminium of varying roughness. I think manufacturing methods might have to catch up before making this could ever be a reality...
This set is a lot simpler than the first, with coloured polyhedra set in acrylic as the board and pieces.
A very basic set, with raised squares signifying black squares on the board, and the pieces being composed of their names. Due to thin intersections, the plastic pieces would have to be reinforced.
A chess set using iterations of the Menger sponge as pieces. The board is also made of increasing iterations of the Menger carpet. The material is also an interesting SSS material made by Tom from Next Limit, it has an interesting colour changing property.

Chess sets are often used to test new ideas or concepts in basic model making, and here are some of my ideas.

James Coleman
Product Designer Crawley, United Kingdom