Nested hemispheres.
Infinite boxes.
Randomly rotating icosahedron, dodecahedron, and buckyball.
Infinitely expanding cube.
Infinitely expanding set of cubes.
Nested orbits.
Infinite tunnel made of tetrahedra.
Infinite tunnel of tetrahedra without random size and orientation.
An infinite rainbow tunnel.
A blurred variant of the rainbow tunnel.
One of the first examples I made, simply rotating icosahedrons in a variety of styles.
Inspired by traffic on a motorway.
A timer or loading symbol.
FLRN Inspired Gifs

Inspired by the work of Florian de Looij I created these gifs as an exercise in achieving the distinctive graphic style and the looping appearance of the animations. "View full size" to see the animations.

These were made with Cinema 4D & Photoshop and have not been optimised for web, hence large file sizes.

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James Coleman
Product Designer Crawley, United Kingdom