Pitching Maxwell Render Mentoring to the 2nd year Product Design course at the University of Brighton. After this presentation, over a third of students signed up immediately.
Giving an introduction about Maxwell Render to 1st and 2nd year Product Design students at the University of Brighton.
Maxwell Render Mentoring 2013

Maxwell Render Mentoring at the University of Brighton taught students one of the most realistic render engines in the world, and raised over £1,650 for the Product Design Final Year Exhibition. -

This mentoring has now concluded, but to arrange one-to-one tuition over Skype, e-mail MaxwellRenderBrightonCDT@gmail.com -

Preview videos are available at: www.youtube.com/MaxwellBrightonCDT -

www.maxwellrender.com -

Images courtesy of Zack Price and Chris Hurcum.

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James Coleman
Product Designer Crawley, United Kingdom