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My Ad from Connecting Rochester 2009 - Email me for freelance work!
Parkwood Dental - Full page newspaper ad. This ad needed strong colors to hold up on newsprint properly.
Spec ad for Euphoria - The customer wanted an upscale, edgy but refined look.
Magazine and Newspaper Ads - This ad got TONS of comments and won a Critics' Choice Award for the month.
Ice Cream World - The customer was looking for a fresh, fun look and I was given free rein. Don't you love the globe ice cream cone!?
Palmyra-Macedon Summer Recreation Ad - The rep for this customer was notorious for wanting no clip art, everything centered; plain and simple. We asked her to please show this to the customer before you make changes. The ad ran as is. :)
Magazine and Newspaper Ads - I just loved how sometimes less is more.
Empire Sports Solutions - Ad that ran in Connecting Rochester Magazine.
www.gregfrancis.com - Ad for Connecting Rochester Magazine.
Kitchen & Bath Place - Purple logo? Ok, we can do this.
Monroe County Sherriff Ad - Ad for Connecting Rochester Magazine
Royal Orchid - Half page newspaper ad. Very striking on newsprint. Another Critic's Choice winner.
The Clark House
Spec ad. Love the attitude.
Topline Auto - We finally got the customer to buy color with this spec. Other local papers borrowed it, too.
Topline Auto - This was my personal favorite.
Fun use of font size and percentages.
Crescent Beach Restaurant - My favorite customer.
Webster Montessori School - Fun use of color
Wildflowers - A fun, girly shop needs a fun, girly font.
Window Design/Closet Source By Gail - Ad for Connecting Rochester with in your face color!
Jan Robinson
Graphic Communications Hornell, NY