Preliminary sketching and brainstorming, exploring different concepts
Sample of a template for the seed packets, set up for the laser cutting machine
Sample of laser cut seed packets
Close up of a seed packet
Container for the seed packets, closed/open
Samples of seed packets
Samples of inner designs, color palette, and symbology
Close up of inner designs

A found letters project from a Typography course, Fall 2015, combined with the study of flowers and their meanings. Made using Adobe Suite and a laser cutting machine.

I collected sample of all 26 letters, isolated them on Photoshop, and integrated them into the flower silhouettes, usually as stems and leaves. I then created a template for the seed packet, with a cut out on the backside to reveal a burst of color from the inner designs. The inner designs were created using Photoshop brushes and outline the multiple meanings of different flowers. I chose a vibrant, yet limited color palette to reflect the natural hues of flora.

Janice Chung
Graphic Designer and Illustrator Queens, NY